Reference: Yahoo Email Domains

Sometimes it comes in handy to know all of the common domains associated with a given Internet Service Provider (ISP) or webmail provider.

I believe these are all of the most common email domains associated with Yahoo! Mail, according to what I can recall, with help from this Port25 forum post.

Yahoo Domains:

Anybody got any others that I've missed? Feel free to share in comments and I'll update this list.

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  1. I have "recorded" a lot of different domains pointing to yahoo MXs.

    There are the ones missing from your list and for which I recorded opens in the last 2 months:

    those domains IMHO are yahoo domains (like rocketmail):

    I don't have opens from (the only one from your list).

    There also a lot (thousands) of minor domains that points to a "biz" mx, so I guess they are hosted by yahoo, too.


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