About the author, Al Iverson

Helping people deal with spam, list management, and deliverability issues is what I've been doing, first as a hobby, and now as my career, for the past ten years.

Since August, 2006, I've been the spam policy enforcement and deliverability guy for an email service provider located in the midwest. Prior to that, I spent just under six years working for a very large e-commerce service provider as the point person for spam and list management issues across the company's thousands of clients and dozen plus divisions and subsidiaries.

Before that, I worked for the Mail Abuse Prevention System (MAPS), one of the first anti-spam blacklist groups. There I created the MAPS RSS (Relay Spam Stopper) blacklist, to help address the scourge of spam being vectored through open-relaying mail servers. I also handled investigation and listing issues as a member of the RBL (Realtime Blackhole List) team.

Stopping spam is important to me. I do my part by guiding senders on how to send mail without sending spam, and guiding end recipients and system administrators on how to most effectively reduce the amount of spam they have to deal with.

I've been called the "baron of blacklists" for "waxing lyrically" on the topic of blacklists here and over on my other site, DNSBL Resource. There I publish news, information, commentary and reviews on the subject.

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