From Mickey Chandler over on the SPAM-L mailing list:

I've set up a new site at using Drupal. The site's express purpose is keeping track of the public record papers involved in spam-centric lawsuits. The site is public in nature and any links to documents found on the site should be assumed to be public in nature as well.

Please do note that I'm not intending this site to be one full of commentary. It's for tracking public records associated with these cases. However, if there are any _attorneys_ out there who would like to start up a blog with commentary on the cases we're tracking I'd be open to that idea.

I've decided to start with two of the current cases out there: e360insight LLC, et al. v. Spamhaus LLC, et al. (Spamhaus) and e360insight LLC, et al. v. Ferguson, et al. (Ferguson). I'm pretty sure that I have all documents from both cases up, even though many of the ones from Spamhaus have not been OCR'd yet. If there are others, please let me know and I'll see about getting access to the files.

If someone sees a document that hasn't been put into text format and you have the time and inclination to OCR that document, then please do. You just need to register.

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