Uncommon Ground Post

I took down my post about Uncommon Ground while they look into the matter of the email address I gave them ended up in somebody else's hands. I'll repost, revice or replace it as more information becomes available.


  1. Seems like a week would be enough to track this down and have a suitable answer for you. Maybe it was something else, like a threat of lawsuit. Eh?

    Let us know, if you can, the outcome.

  2. Oh, heck no, not that. If there was a lawsuit threat, I'd post it and tell them to kiss my ass.

    I have been talking to Uncommon Ground and at the moment I don't think this was their fault. All involved are still investigating, so if I posted some anew now, there wouldn't be much to say.

    Stay tuned.

  3. If it's not Uncommon Ground's fault, maybe you should also take down the other post on your Rogers Park blog.

  4. I will, very soon. Been waiting on Randolph Wine Cellars to give us their side of the story. I'm about to give up on that.


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