I'm on a List

Somebody is selling my work email address. I'm getting higher-than-previous amounts of B2B (business targeted) spam to my work email address lately, and it's driving me nuts.

If you run any of those "business contacts" sites, and you're looking for pain, let me tell you how to jump on the fast track: sell my email address.

It's not okay to sell my email address. The fact that it's my work address is irrelevant.

I deleted the first few spams (reporting spam in Outlook is hard), but a few weeks ago, I started saving them in a folder. After I receive enough of them, I'm going to start outing the senders. Look for more info here, details of who is buying lists and spamming me.

Then, eventually, one of those bad senders will do a Google search for their name, and find this site. They'll contact me, complaining that it was rude to out them. I'll find out from them where they're getting my email address, and I'll out those guys too.

So, if you run a business contact database website and you're including my email address on data you sell to others....I look forward to talking to you soon, and talking about you in more detail here.

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