Mickey Chandler, Deliverability Consultant

My friend Mickey Chandler has finally taken the plunge and hung out his shingle as a deliverability consultant.

Mickey's a sharp guy. We go way back, all the way back to working together at the Mail Abuse Prevention System (MAPS), before it imploded under the weight of many lawsuits. (Ah, to be young and stupid again.) Since then, we've both migrated to the deliverability and email realms. Most recently, Mickey was the director of ISP relations for an email service provider. He and I work together periodically on various industry-related stuff, and I find his expertise and insight to be very strong.

Mickey also runs the blogs Spamtacular and Spamsuite, sharing commentary highlighting his wealth of knowledge and building up a very useful repository of spam-related legal documents.

If you're looking for a consultant to guide you through the complicated world of email deliverability, I'd recommend Mickey without hesitation. To learn more, head on over to Mickey's website at www.whizardries.com.

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