What of SRV?

So, SRV records help you publish data for your domain, helping for easy (or auto) configuration of an email client for using mail at that domain. Should I implement SRV records for my domain? Is it widely used by MUAs or mobile devices like iPhones and Android Phones? Is it a security risk to tell people where my IMAP/POP3 servers live? What do you think?

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  1. SRV for MUA auto-configuration isn't really there yet, but it'll be really, really nice once it's standardized. The current draft looks good, so I expect it'll be standardized, and then implemented, fairly soon.

    As for security - I can already find your IMAP servers by port scanning for port 143 or 993, or look for imap.example.com or mail.example.com or (for small domains) assume it's the same as your MX or (for large domains) read your online documentation. No big deal.


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