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Changes to

I just posted information on changes to over on DNSBL Resource. Looks like they're moving to a for-pay model, for at least large volume queries. Can't say that I blame them; if it is costing them money to keep their project alive, at some point it seems inevitable to turn to users to help provide financial support. Do any of you use I'm not overly familiar with them.


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  1. I think a lot of people use it, possibly many who don't even realize it..

    AFAIK it's queried by default in spamassassin. Also found in default config for milter-greylist, and unless things changed psbl (and possibly others) use(s) as a list of IPs *not* to block.

    So yeah pretty widespread usage I'd say.

    Full disclosure: my outbound server is listed on it.

  2. Good to know, thanks!

  3. My company has been using their list as a metric since early 2008. Their data is pretty accurate, not good enough to use as a pass alone, but still somewhat useful.

    Unfortunately it's usefulness does not outweigh the cost to us, so we've stopped our rsync feed from them as of this afternoon.

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