Friday Funny: I Need Your Legal Advice

Warning: This clip has a tiny bit of NSFW language in it.

When consulting, you want to give good advice. But sometimes, just sometimes, you're confronted with a client utilizing some completely non-salvageable bad practice, and they fight and fight and fight you on it and just don't want to listen. They always want to know what ELSE can be done to fix the issue, short of actually fixing the issue. Here is the best advice a consultant can give in those situations.

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  1. As a consultant if I have a customer that won't take my good advice, in the end there are only two choices: Suck it up or walk away. Which one is based largely on whether their failure to heed my advice is illegal, immoral, or will redound poorly upon my reputation.

    Customers are often startled and offended when you fire them.


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