Top 4 CAN-SPAM Myths

Here are quick links to all four posts in my past three part series (uh, what?) on CAN-SPAM Myths.
If you're looking for more guidance on CAN-SPAM, consider that CAN-SPAM non-compliance can have a negative impact on your deliverability. Looking for a helpful checklist to confirm CAN-SPAM compliance? Mickey Chandler has that for you.

If you're an average joe user trying to deal with a sender who's not respecting the CAN-SPAM law, here are my tips on what to do about that.

And finally, here's a link to my older CAN-SPAM information roundup.


  1. Is it okay to buy lists from Can-Spam compliant companies like NetProspex for strictly b2b use?

  2. CAN-SPAM doesn't differentiate between B2B and B2C. Spam filterers don't differentiate between B2C and B2B either. In either realm, if you buy a list, they'd call you a spammer and a bad guy.


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