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New Data Breach: Chili's

I've talked about email list data thefts in the past. Data was taken from Aweber back in 2009 (and then again in 2010, sadly), and companies like Lyris, DNSStuff, Ameritrade and AOL have had also found their subscriber lists and/or email data falling into the hands of unknown third parties. This time around, restaurant chain Chili's was affected.

Consumerist reports on the matter, quoting Chili's as saying the following in an email message to affected loyalty club members: "We are contacting you because the service provider (InterMundo Media) for the Chili's e-mail club experienced a breach of their server, which could compromise security of e-mail club information. Your information potentially at risk is limited to the following: first name, last name, e-mail address and birth date."

I wonder what kinds of unwanted spam Chili's loyalty club members are going to start to receive now. I'm guessing it won't be advertisements for Applebee's.


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  1. I'm told by someone 'in the know' that this may have actually been a compromise at the parent company of Chilli's, Brinker International, and that their entire flock of restaurants may have lost data.

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