Nice email, but...

I'm a big fan of Progressive Insurance. But I'm not so much a fan of email newsletters lacking easy unsubscribe links. When you click on the "update preferences" link below, you're led to a password-protected profile center. You have to login to unsubscribe. Yet, this email isn't transactional; it is not a necessary part of my car insurance coverage.

Let's talk about a practical consideration. By making it anything-but-simple to unsubscribe, Progressive is tempting subscribers to hit the "this is spam" button, instead of bothering to unsubscribe. I'll bet you a dollar that their FBL complaint rates are elevated as a result.


  1. Hi Al -- Thanks for your feedback on our newsletter e-mail. This was actually a recent topic of conversation at Progressive, and we are working on making preferences management faster and easier for our customers while ensuring the security of their account information. Please feel free to share any additional suggestions -- we are always seeking ways to improve.

    Best regards,
    David Bilas
    Electronic Communications Manager, Progressive

  2. David, thanks. My suggestion would be to have a good old-fashioned unsubscribe link. You don't have to reveal additional profile center information sans login; just make it "unsubscribe OR log-in if you want to change other preferences." That way a consumer's information can remain secure, and yet you're still doing everything you can to minimize your own spam complaint rates.

  3. I am totally with you on this Al - no unsubscribe link drives me crazy. Or, sometimes there is one but you have to fill out 5 fields (including email and name)plus wait 10 days to be taken off the list! This happened to my CEO...You can read his full rant about this on Email Security Matters blog


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