Now Hiring: Who?

Last week, a coworker suggested I pay closer attention to the ads on Facebook. He pointed out that somebody is trying to specifically target a few of us who work for a couple of different companies.

Looking right now, I see that there is this little ad along the right side of my Facebook screen that says: "Hiring Email Expert. We are Hiring an Email Deliverability Expert in Denver, CO. If you are working at a major ESP as a deliverability expert we want you."

When you click on the ad, you are taken to a website in the "" domain, which is a free website host. The landing page explains the following:

The entire purpose of this webpage is to provide you with information about our company so you can decide if you would like to apply for our open position for an email deliverability expert.

We are an online media company in Denver, CO with approximately 30 employees. We own many web properties, have a large survey research business, and a growing email platform business.

Our email platform currently delivers tens of millions of emails a month and is growing rapidly towards hundreds of millions of emails per month. We are in need of an email deliverability expert to anaylze stats, recommend improvements, and resolve any deliverability issues.

The target candidate is currently working at a large email service provider such as X or Y.

If you are an email deliverability expert currently working for a large ESP, please contact us at: (a webmail address)

My thought is, I have dealt with a lot of spammers and/or "very aggressive marketers" who hide behind layer-upon-layer of company names, private mailboxes, and masked domain registrations. Obfuscation is a common trait found in the whole lower end of the email marketing industry. A company using obfuscation and redirection in the recruiting process might be also doing this in other facets of their operation. I'm not exactly inspired by their recruiting methodology here.

I wonder who this is. Anybody have any clues?


  1. I sounds a bit dodgy to me too.

    On the other hand it doesn't have to mean something bad. For whatever reason, recruiters don't usually publish the name of the company on whose behalf they're looking for a candidate. Perhaps the company wants to achieve the same kind of anonymity without having the recruiter in the middle?

  2. I believe RP has an enormous presence in Denver. I think Martijn is right - they either didn't consider that it would look dodgy, or they don't want the competition to know who's trying to pick off their talent.

  3. "Our email platform currently delivers tens of millions of emails a month and is growing rapidly towards hundreds of millions of emails per month." -- that's not Return Path.

    (Also, RP is out in Broomfield -- locals would be annoyed if the ad said Denver.)

  4. Yeah, I figured it wasn't Return Path.


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