What would you present?

In a couple of weeks I'll be presenting to a class of paralegals-in-training, talking about the legal aspects of compliance in marketing online (CAN-SPAM, DMCA, CDA, etc.). I'm pulling together information about various cases that might be most interesting to share with the class and generate topics of discussion. Could I impose upon you, dear reader, to share with me what your thoughts are here? Got any links or info you'd like to share with me? What cases do you think merit looking at? Gordon v Virtumundo, for starters. What else? Thanks in advance for your thoughts!


  1. I'd address how brands/senders are responsible for their affiliates. See AOL v. Netvision Audiotext dba Cyber Entertainment Network (EDVA 99-cv01186-A)

  2. You should discuss Mummagraphics Vs. Omega World Travel. That case gets cited a lot. You may also want to mention Dan Balsam's racket.

  3. How about the annoying worthlessness of appended disclaimers?


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