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That Wasn’t Funny

I’m married to a feminist. My wife, Kate Harding, knows a thing or two about rape culture, bad guys and misogyny. (In fact, she’s the author of “Asking For It” forthcoming from Da Capo Press in Fall 2013.)

She has long shared with me stories about women being treated shabbily both in real life and online. (You wouldn’t believe the vast amount of “I hope you die you f-ing b-" and much worse that female bloggers, in particular, have to put up with. **) And hey, I work in technology, so I’ve observed misogynistic behavior myself, and in particular, at a few different conferences over the years. (Don’t take my word for it -- read about the crappy attacks aimed at one attendee who loudly complained about sexism at a recent technology conference. I know that some folks I respect will disagree with me, but upon reflection, I think it is good that she spoke out, reminiscent of the Hollaback! movement.)

Anyway. Because of all of that, I guess I would never have thought it was a good idea to write something up for a deliverability tips/news blog in the guise of asking women at a particular conference to “come up to my room and throttle my IP address” or whatever the heck that was supposed to be. But, it feels that perhaps I come at this from a different perspective, because of the people I know and what I’ve learned from them. (And for the record, MAAWG has an excellent conduct policy.)

I’m sharing this all with not to shame anyone, but to educate. Please, listen and learn, and try to make the world a better place. Don't make these problems worse, not even a little bit.

( ** There is much worse I could link to. My wife has blogged about online harassment at length. I couldn't even share the link to my favorite post on a PG-rated blog. Email me for the URL.)

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