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Checking the SBL "Latest Listings" Page

Every once in a while, maybe every few days, I pull up my bookmark for the SBL Latest Additions and Removals over on It's usually pretty interesting to watch. It's basically the only public announcement that a new sender, ISP, ESP or ESP's client has gotten blacklisted. If you keep a close enough eye on it, after a while you'll start to get a feel for which ESPs and ISPs have the most ongoing issues or perhaps the most permission-challenged clients.

If you're really fancy, you'll figure out that you can bookmark links to various domain name groupings of SBL listings, allowing you to check for listings relating to the network of a particular ISP or ESP. Here's an example.

I'm not the only person who keeps an eye on these, am I?


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  1. Nope. I watch those all the time. it is like a slow-motion destruction. Also, given the size of some of the listings (a Chinese /12 was recently listed) the immesity of the abuse problem can't be over-stated.

  2. Nope. I like to take a peek at these weekly as well. I do it to keep an informal library in my head more than anything else. It also provides a pick me up if I think I'm having a bad day...

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