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Admin: Site Redesign Time

This site, Spam Resource, has been around in one form or another since late 2001.

From 2001 I was hosting it on my own server, publishing in a rudimentary "weblog" format, all with hand-coded HTML files. (Remember when CAN-SPAM was new?)

In late 2004, I converted the site to an online software store. At the time, I was working for an e-commerce service provider, managing email compliance/anti-spam efforts there, but I was curious about how other types of online marketing worked. (That employer ended up having a contest to see who could drive the most software sales; I won an award as having one of the highest ranking stores. And I learned quite a bit about how affiliate marketing and third party revenue sharing worked, without ever having resorted to sending spam.)

I moved the site back to being a blog in 2006, setting things up on Google's Blogger platform in August, 2006, just as I was moving to Chicago. Back then Blogger was still somewhat rudimentary, but it was one of the few options for "in the cloud" blog hosting, versus having to install and manage your own server -- something I had done in the past but was trying to get away from.

Later, I lovingly hand-crafted XML and HTML into a custom Blogger template, something I was overly proud of at the time. Fast forward to 2015, and I am frustrated that I can't easily change fonts or anything else in my layout, without a text editor, a calculator and a reference manual. Thus, it is redesign time.

I hope you don't find the new layout and design too annoying. I'm mostly just happy that it's now one of the standard Blogger templates, so I can use their user interface to modify fonts, colors, graphics and other settings. Who's got time to modify code by hand any more? I surely don't.

I've also renamed DNSBL Resource to Blacklist Resource, which I think makes it a bit less confusing to non-technical folks. (And don't forget that XNND is still out there, ready to help you with your DNS lookup needs.)

Thanks for reading!

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