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Yahoo Mail not accepting inbound mail

I'm seeing multiple reports of this today-- it sounds pretty widespread. Mail to Yahoo is being deferred due to an internal system issue on the Yahoo side of the connection. My own MTA logs are filling with "451 4.3.2 Internal error reading data" errors.

Reports on the Mailop mailing list suggest that the issue started around 7:00 am US central time on Sunday, March 20th.

Update: As of 1:50 pm US central time, I see that some mail must be getting through for some folks. My primary Yahoo seed mailbox is populated with a new message every few minutes or so. But volume is a lot lower than usual and mail is still backed up on my sending server.

Final update: Multiple sites are reporting that as of about 2:00 pm US central time, Yahoo seems to be accepting all mail again. My queues are empty and all of my earlier-sent test messages have now been delivered to my Yahoo seed mailbox.


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  1. I'm seeing this too. It started a little after 9am EDT.

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