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Best Email Frequency?

How often should you email your subscribers? Every 37 minutes.

Just kidding.

Apparently the answer is every freaking day or two, sometimes twice a day, if you're one of the top three companies whose lists I've personally opted-in to.

Neither my once-favorite coffee shop, the discount airline nor that online glasses shop seem to have noticed that I haven't opened or clicked on anything in many, many months. I wonder if that's dragging down their sending reputation. If there are a lot of people like me on their list, probably so.

Some people are addicted to sending email like others are addicted to crack cocaine. They know they're hitting it too hard, that it's something that they know is causing long term damage to their marketing efforts. But every time they push that send button, they make a little more money. A little less money each time, but still. A few more unsubscribes each time, but still. Open rates a little bit lower each time, but still. More money. Until there isn't any more money coming in because you've sucked the life out of your customer list.

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