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Ask Al: What of Senderbase?

Emanuel writes: "I need assistance with Senderbase. What ISP report to Senderbase? Is there a way to view Senderbase complaints? We add all ours IPs in the feedback loop, but not in the feedback loop of Yahoo. Is it possible that the lack of a Yahoo feedback loop is the problem?'

Emanual, I'm sad to say that it has been a very long time since I have run into client issues that I believe to relate to Cisco's Senderbase. I don't know if Yahoo complaint data is fed to them, to be honest. I doubt it. But I'll throw the question out here and we'll see if someone else out there has some other ideas. Feel free to share your thoughts in comments, and thank you in advance!


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  1. I'd love to know how their reputation score works there. I see it go from no DNS return, to 0.8, to 5.2 and vanish again - this on IP's with no mail stream. Weird.

  2. In the Postmaster Forum of Yahoo, i see many users with the same error in the moment to register the IPs in the FBL System, the support of yahoo not provide any solutions at respect.

    Any help?

    Regards and happy new year.!!

  3. I was always under the impression Cisco was not relying on ISPs to provide them senderbase data, but instead used their own cybersecurity software (called Cisco Talos) to gather reputation. This makes me think that Senderbase is much more relevant for B2B senders than for B2C senders.

  4. Jon, based on my experience you are correct. I've seen Senderbase have much more of an impact on B2B mail. Specifically, some US government mail servers check Senderbase for inbound mail and mail from IPs with poor reputations is rejected outright. The SMTP response typically doesn't mention Senderbase, but we've gotten confirmation of its use in conversations with admins from a couple of government agencies.

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