Reference: All AT&T Email Domains

AT&T has a Postmaster site, but it doesn't contain a comprehensive list of their inbound email domains. However, they do have a help page for AT&T users looking to configure their email client, and it does list all of their inbound email domains.

From that help page, here is a list of all AT&T consumer email domains:

AT&T users used to be able to read their mail via Yahoo Mail's web user interface, but this seems to no longer be an option as of sometime in 2016-2018. Thus, in the past, AT&T and Yahoo filtering might have been related (especially spam folder delivery), but I think that is no longer the case.

Special thanks to reader Laurence Marks, who provided much of this information in a past comment. Thanks!

Are any domains missing? Leave a comment with corrections, feedback or questions.

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