Receive Email Updates from Spam Resource

People periodically ask me if there is a way that they can receive an email notification whenever a new blog post is posted on Spam Resource. Never really thought much about it, as my focus was on blogging about emails and not sending them, but enough people have asked that I decided it was time to put something together.

If you'd like to receive an email update every time a new blog post is posted to Spam Resource, just enter your email address below.


Note that I do use double opt-in, so watch for the confirmation email and do click the link.

If you read Spam Resource, you'll see that I tend to post on a variable schedule, and rarely more than a couple of times a week. So you won't end up drowning under a bunch of emails, I promise!

Also, if you've got any feedback on my email process or list signup process, feel free to comment here or respond to one of the emails. I wrote it all from scratch, and I'm soon going to release the double opt-in sign up script source with the hope that it helps others more easily implement proper email address signup validation. Stay tuned.


  1. I hope you don't decide to turn of rss with this addition of subscribe by email. There has been a change over the last year or so to kill rss on sites. Causing people/myself to sign up by email if they have it, follow them on some social site or remember to check there site every so often. Maybe I am old school using a rss reader instead of a email client... I don't know. Rss just works.

  2. No plans to remove RSS support! I even added the RSS widget back to my blog. I agree, RSS just works. I added the email support because people kept asking me for it, plus it was fun to build.


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