Please hire: Sarah Johnson

Are you hiring? Sarah Johnson could use your help.

Sarah has strong email & digital experience providing her a very strategic understanding of email platforms like Salesforce Marketing Cloud & AWS SES for transactional automated programs & SMS. She prides herself on knowing how to befriend your subscribers and provide valuable content to be allowed successfully onto their laptops and phones. Most recently leading successful secured communication digital programs & Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementations, purchases and creating strong growth programs for B2B & B2C messaging. She seeks a contract or FTE digital role in the Minneapolis area.

Does Sarah sound like the right hire for you? I hope you'll consider her -- her strong experience and overlap between e-commerce and digital marketing shows she's got a broad skillset and can adapt easily. Here's a link to her LinkedIn profile. Please contact her on Linkedin or via email at

Editor's note: Because it's such a challenging time to job hunt right now, I'm going to use this platform to occasionally highlight smart folks who are looking for work and who would welcome the exposure from being shared here. I hope you won't find it too intrusive and let's hope it helps lead to good things for the folks featured here!

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