More (pointless) fun with double opt-in

For no useful reason, I took my little double opt-in tool and hitched it to a script that sends a daily automated email message. Now if you sign up for this new email list, you'll get a daily email with a link to a song or music video. Different every day, personally selected by me. Some good, some very good, some not so good. If you're bored and need a daily distraction, check it out!

The goal for me was to be able to build something once and just pull the string and let it start running. I don't want to have to check in on it, update anything, or have to nudge it every day. It's entirely automated. If you sign up and complete the double opt-in, you get a welcome message with today's song, and then you're on the list to get a new song every morning. If you want to unsubscribe, that'll track automatically and emails will stop. Not really anything fancy from an email marketing perspective, but a bit of a programming exercise for me, at least.

And hey, maybe eventually enough people will subscribe and click "not junk" in Hotmail to help with my IP address's sending reputation there. Even those of us who know about email deliverability sometimes struggle with Microsoft.

SpamAssassin isn't fond of the content, either -- too much (and mostly only) HTML, but it seems to hit the inbox every other place I test it, which is a solid reminder that most ISPs don't filter based on content alone nowadays (and really haven't for years).

The list of songs is just a CSV file containing a bunch of Youtube links, and my little description that gets inserted into the email message. The script that builds the emails deals with figuring out the song title and preview image by querying Youtube on its own, so I don't have to bother to track those myself.

A thought -- where's the value of email validation for a sender using double opt-in? My deliverability rate is 100% and my open rate is 60%. An opt-in confirmation request email might bounce if somebody puts in garbage. Or maybe it hits a spamtrap. Once or twice, but not every day forever. It makes me think that if more people used double opt-in, email validation would be a solved problem.

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