Please hire: Aric McKeown

My friend Aric McKeown is a smart guy on a job hunt. Are you hiring? Got anything suitable for his unique set of skills? He's got very solid deliverability, email operations expertise and more!

Aric writes: I have spent the last 5 years work in email deliverability and the 13 previous years working in email marketing production, website analytics, and website design.

In addition to my work resume, I have a large swath of creative side work I've been involved in and created.

Least Dangerous Game - A urban scavenger hunt created at the outset of Twitter, highlighted by Twitter's Jack Dorsey himself.

Make Me Watch TV - A one-year experiment in web 3.0, allowing users to dictate the TV shows I would watch and live-blog nightly.

The Mustache Rangers - A 250-episode improvised podcast produced, edited, and performed by me. 

Blank It - An abstract and surreal webcomic written by me.

A Talking Cat!?!: The Blog - Examples of extreme critical and humorous writing pertaining to the horribly bad movie A Talking Cat!?!

If you, or somebody you know, needs someone with a large history of email marketing skills, or any of my other myriad of critical and creative skills, please let me know.

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