Sponsored by: Direct Deliverability!

Led by my good friend Karen Balle (whom I've worked with on various projects and in various capacities throughout the years), Direct Deliverability is where I'm going to direct you, if you were to come to me asking for deliverability assistance. You see, I've got a full time day job and I don't take consulting clients. Karen Balle, though, is ready and able to help.

Karen's got more than twenty years expertise in the email industry and is an excellent deliverability consultant. I recommend her without hesitation! For more about how Karen can help you resolve deliverability issues or improve inbox placement, click here to head on over to her site: Direct Deliverability

Consider me a satisfied customer. Karen has helped me out of a deliverability bind more than once. Also, I've seen her work with other clients and she knows what she's doing, whip smart and an excellent communicator.

** Note: This is not really a sponsored post. No money or consideration changed hands. I'm just sharing this as a favor to my friend, and also, letting my readers know where to go should they need deliverability consulting assistance.

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