BIMI testing and BIMI adoption tracking

Here's a few cool BIMI tools I've come across lately or have used previously.

Red Sift recently announced a cool new tool. Their new "BIMI Radar" website tracks the global adoption of BIMI. It's pretty cool! Check it out here.

Looking to check your current BIMI record, or for help to generate the record? 

BIMI Group has a tool for that, as does Mailkit and EasyDMARC. I've got a very simple BIMI record lookup tool as well.

PowerDMARC has an excellent overview of what it takes to create a proper DMARC record -- and they include a walkthrough of the SVG logo requirements and how to save your logo image file properly.

For more information about the Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) requirement and how to obtain one, here's more information from DigiCert and Entrust. Also, Mailkit is offering pre-registration for the a Verified Mark Certificate, you can sign up for that here.

Bonus: Verizon (AOL/Yahoo/Verizon) just launched a BIMI overview section on their Developer Network site. Check it out!

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