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Call for Deliverability Monitoring Vendors: Kickbox (Updated)

It's been a while since I've posted about Kickbox, and they've got new stuff that merits sharing, so here we go!

On September 2nd, Kickbox announced: "Starting today, all new and existing Kickbox accounts include access to our full suite of deliverability monitoring tools. In addition to email verification, you now have more tools to help you reach the inbox and alert you of potential deliverability issues."

These new and improved tools include seedlist-based inbox placement testing, blocklist monitoring, precheck and DMARC monitoring. Precheck includes design preview and spam filter testing, allowing you to identify spam triggers like broken or spammy links, spammy wording, or domain issues.

For more information about Kickbox and their new and improved deliverability monitoring suite, click on over to the Kickbox website.

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