Now hiring: Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce is hiring two compliance engineers for the Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget) Messaging Experience team, and I think these are for what I would have called "abuse desk" roles, back in the day. Are you good at dealing with inbound reports of complaints, spam issues, concerns over practices and investigating those issues appropriately?

"In your role as a Compliance Engineer, the quality of our partnership with customers experiencing deliverability challenges is paramount. We let data guide and inform each and every engagement, strategically pinpointing areas of improvement and plotting a course for successful outcomes."

If you have a proven ability to utilize messaging delivery-related analytics to help inform and guide our customers on where opportunities for improvement lie and you have a deep understanding of the mechanics of successful messaging programs (IP Warming, ISP Feedback Loops, Opt-in permission best practices, among others), then this could be the role for you.

Want to apply? Here are links to posting number one and posting number two.

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