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Now Hiring: Emarsys

[ now hiring ]

Remember what I said about how lots of people are hiring right now? Here's another job posting! Esteemed industry colleague Christine Novak was kind enough to let me know that they are looking for a Senior Deliverability Consultant over at omni-channel customer engagement platform Emarsys.

Check it out: "The Deliverability role provides support and professional services to marketing and communication teams, helping them to reach their customers and achieve success.

"Bringing together an understanding of technical deliverability, data and analytics, marketing strategy and industry compliance, the Deliverability Consultant has a broad range of skills used to provide support, education and guidance.

"The Deliverability Consultant's day-to-day role is one of internal and client communication on a regional and global level; answering ticket-based customer support escalations; problem solving and investigation, providing analytical insight and strategic marketing solutions to clients; and the technical setup and management relating to email and digital messaging."

Click here for more information or to apply.

You may recall that SAP acquired Emarsys back in late 2020, after ex-Salesforce Marketing Cloud CEO Bob Stutz left Salesforce for SAP, leading to another Salesforce alum, Joanna Milliken, becoming CEO of Emarsys.

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