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Klaviyo Users: Want to learn about deliverability?

Hey, Klaviyo users? Looking to learn more about email deliverability and how to maximize your chances of inbox success when sending emails from Klaviyo? Then you'll want to join this upcoming LIVE webinar! This Thursday, January 19th at 10:00 US central time, Klaviyo's Tonya Gordon and yours truly (Al Iverson from Kickbox) will be presenting INTRO TO EMAIL DELIVERABILITY, where we'll touch on:

  • The basics of email deliverability, including the difference between delivery & deliverability;
  • Best practices & how they differ by vertical;
  • The KPIs you should be monitoring & tools to help you identify deliverability issues;
  • Maximizing deliverability success with Klaviyo & Kickbox;
  • How to boost deliverability by improving email hygiene;
This will be an easy and informal session and we'll save plenty of time for your questions.

Click here to register for the "INTRO TO EMAIL DELIVERABILITY" webinar.

If you've been reading my blog for years, don't use Klaviyo, and already know a thing or to about email marketing best practices, then this is NOT the webinar for you! If so, don't fret! I've got other webinars upcoming on different topics all throughout this year.

But if you are new to this whole deliverability thing, or new to Klaviyo, or have questions about how this all works, please join us! I know you'll find value in what we plan to share with you.

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