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Webinar alert: Hey, small publishers and newsletter senders!

Are you a newsletter sender or small publisher? If so, and if you've run into deliverability problems, you've probably found that you're small potatoes when it comes to getting help getting climbing back to the inbox. Tier 1 support isn't always that great, and paid consulting gets real expensive real fast. And the whole time you're wondering, if I was a bigger sender, would I get treated this way by my ESP or by ISPs? And you can get caught in the middle, between blocklists and ESPs and ISPs and anti-spam groups and people who want to prove a point or pick a fight and block certain kinds of mail, whether it be all customers of platform X or picking on people who don't use double opt-in.

So what do you do, if that's you? You come to our webinar, of course, and get to know Jennifer Nespola Lantz and myself. Jennifer expertly leads deliverability consulting for Kickbox, and helping you prevent and solve inbox woes is something that both she and I have been heavily invested in for many years now.

In our upcoming webinar (August 23 at 10:00 am central time) our focus is going to be on YOU: the small publisher, the newsletter sender. How can you best position yourself to prevent deliverability problems, especially ones that you can't easily control or fix? This will have a heavy focus on Gmail (since Gmail is huge!) but this guidance applies across the mailbox provider landscape and our goal is to enrich those in a "one person show" (or similar) role so that you can learn just enough deliverability expertise to be dangerous, and to better fend for yourself if and when needed.

I hope you'll join us! Click here to register.

Why the focus on small publishers or newsletter senders? I'm trying to broaden our scope to more "deliverability knowledge share" and not focus only on best practice tips for marketing senders. That's not to say that we're going to abandon our marketing friends who need help ensuring email success -- and a lot of our recommendations will help small marketers succeed, too! But with alternative press, hyperlocal news, and the growth of small, independent and important new-style journalism, all using newsletters and email alerts to notify the world of deep thoughts, breaking news and important investigations, it's clear that deliverability in this realm more than it ever has before.

Email is important to me. Email news and email newsletters are important to me. Let's work together to help maximize their deliverability success.

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