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Now hiring: You?

Hey, I'll come right out and say it. I'm looking for a job! Are you hiring? As you (hopefully) know from reading my blog, I know deliverability pretty well. I spend a lot of time training and consulting -- guiding clients through changes in the evolving deliverability landscape, how to prepare for deliverability success during BFCM, how best to warm up new IPs and domains, how to address spam folder issues, and so much more!

For fifteen years I was director of deliverability for Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget), leading a team of consultants that jumped into issues either as an escalation up from support, or an escalation down from management. A big part of my role involved directly connecting with clients to help them understand deliverability best practices and solve inbox woes. I did a bit of product management and built a tool or two myself, too.

For the past two years I've been director of deliverability products for a company called Kickbox. Primarily an email verification provider, Kickbox branched out into deliverability tools -- inbox testing, blocklist monitoring, DMARC and things like that. I had a lot of fun designing and product managing enhancements to and building out that toolset. I also helped to start up a service consulting practice, partnered up with various ESPs and CRM platforms to present webinars on the various facets of deliverability, and again built a tool or two myself, along the way.

I also have a bit of a technical leg up, running my own MTA (outbound mail server -- it serves up the Spam Resource newsletter), running a self-built mailing list manager (now with list-unsub-post support!) and having had a lot of experience with IP and domain segmentation and how best to configure MTAs and sending platforms for throughput and deliverability success.

So what comes next? I like what I've been doing. I like helping people monitor for deliverability issues and solve inbox problems. I like being a product manager, too. And I like sharing knowledge with clients directly. A unicorn role for me might be deliverability operations, or a hybrid product management-slash-consultant role. There's lots of ways something like this could go where I'd be happy and engaged and looking forward to assisting.

And in the meantime, if you're looking for my help on a direct deliverability consulting engagement, I'd be happy to assist. It'll help pay the bills and it's work that I enjoy doing.

If you'd like to talk, either about a potential consulting opportunity, or a potential career opportunity where you think I might be a good fit. Please do reach out! You can always reply to the Spam Resource newsletter, or email me directly at

Thanks for reading my plea for consideration, and thanks for reading Spam Resource. I appreciate you!

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