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AWeber users, let's talk about Yahoo/Google requirements

Hey there! In my new role as Director of Deliverability for AWeber, I'm going to dive right in! I'm putting together a new webinar AS WE SPEAK, that covers everybody's favorite topic -- DKIM, DMARC, YAHOO, GMAIL & YOU! Also known as: what you need to do to comply with Yahoo and Google's new sender requirements. Because this is focused on AWeber customers, I'll cover everything from where and how to buy a domain name for your email messages (and why you have to), how to link that up to your AWeber account to correctly authenticate your email sends, how to configure and implement a DMARC record, and more! And I'll take your questions, too!

I hope you'll join me alongside Jesse Kennedy to learn more about these very important bits for email sending success! The fun happens Wednesday, January 17th at 12:00 eastern. Click here to register.

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