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Now hiring: Klaviyo

Email and marketing automation platform Klaviyo is hiring! They're looking to fill the role of "Manager, Global Email Deliverability," in a hybrid (partly in-office) capacity, attached to their Boston office. (Remote is not an option.) In that role, you would:

  • Support the implementation of the strategic vision for global email deliverability that is aligned with the company's focus on growth.
  • Lead and develop a team of Deliverability Consultants and Analysts to provide the ultimate experience for Klaviyo customers.
  • Track the overall health of the email deliverability business at Klaviyo, taking action as needed to ensure our customers can rely on Klaviyo as their sending platform. 
  • Lead your team to maintain working relationships with all major mailbox providers, blocklisting agencies, and other key stakeholders in the messaging ecosystem.
  • Educate Klaviyo employees and customers on messaging practices that will help to drive good deliverability and, in collaboration with the Enablement and Customer education teams, create user guides and training materials.

And more! Find more information and/or apply here.

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