Abuse Mailbox on Google Apps?

So, if you're like me, and you host email for your domain using Google Apps, you might be wondering how to read mail sent to abuse or postmaster. Every good domain administrator cares about this. It's also necessary to receive mail at abuse@ and/or postmaster@ if you're trying to validate ownership of a domain, for feedback loop and other types of registration.

But, Google Apps doesn't seem to allow this. It says "abuse" and "postmaster" are reserved addresses, or mailing lists that already exist. What do you do, if you need to work around this?

Steve Atkins of Word to the Wise has the solution. And it's a good one. Thanks, Steve!

Email Append and New Domain Spam

Spam to a new domain isn't uncommon. Lots of spammers comb whois, search the web, scrape forums, looking for any domain they can find, and then they try mailing to variations of made up addresses at that domain to see if they get through to a real live mailbox. So, setting up a new domain, and catching all email to the domain, this invariably means that very soon after creation, I'm likely to get 200 pieces of the same spam, addressed to different made-up address variations.

But this time around, it's happening a little bit differently.

EmailAppenders Has a Question

"Is there anything wrong with collecting business cards and selling the list?" -- Ian Cooper, president of new business development for EmailAppenders.

Yes, Ian, there's something wrong with everything you do. You enable people to send spam. Not exactly something to be proud off.

Michigan State to student: Political e-mail is spam

If you're mad about how something is run at your school, is it OK to spam 391 people complaining about it? If the school is Michigan State, the answer is no. (And it's an answer I agree with.)

Ken Magill, Laura Atkins on Zoominfo

Zoominfo -- a company that has created some sort of business contact database where you (you probably being "spammer") can buy lists of email addresses. Ken Magill talks about them here, quoting deliverability consultant Laura Atkins at length.

Here's my take on this.

Spam from Postini Servers

John Levine reports on yet another example of spam received from the servers of spam filtering service provider Postini.