Barnes and Noble Emails Opt-Outs

Hmm, I thought to myself. Why didn't I think of this? Barnes And Noble is sending emails to recipients who declined to opt-in, asking them to reconsider. Gosh, they must get a nonzero number of people who opt-in as a result of this email.And probably around a zillion spam complaints, and some ISP blocks. Because they're spamming. Oh yeah, that's why I didn't think of ever doing this. Because it's a really, really bad idea.

(Via Consumerist)

SCOTUS Declines Review of VA Anti-Spam Law Case

"The Supreme Court has passed up a chance to examine how far states can go to restrict unsolicited e-mails in efforts to block spammers from bombarding computer users." Read about it on

Many smart people have already pointed out to me that the net effect here is near nil. Jeremy Jaynes is still in jail, and the state of Virginia intends to try again by crafting a new anti-spam law in the near future.

John Levine points out: "Due to the peculiar facts and history of this case, the decision would be unlikely ever to affect anyone other than Jaynes, and he's still in jail on other charges, so in the big picture it's just a blip."

E360 Gets an Important Bit Wrong

I have a cold, which leaves me lacking energy and lacking the desire to do anything beyond sit on the couch and read. Read what, you might ask? Why, read the updates in the ongoing Amish rake fight between E360 and the entire world, of course.

JC Penney Does WHAT?

Consumerist reports: "Reader psionix bought some PJ's from JC Penney for his wife and, upon checkout, chose not to receive any emails from JC Penney. The retailer then emailed him to let him know that they won't be emailing him, and asked him to fill out a survey on why he didn't want to receive any emails from them."


Read all about it here.

No more, Direct Magazine

As of today, the tagged (unique) address I used to sign up for Ken Magill's newsletter now a spamtrap address. I just can't take it any more. I signed up specifically and only to receive newsletter updates - and Direct and its "partners" have been sending me a multitude of undesired offers and partner mailings every week. Over 15 mailings in January alone, and January isn't even over yet. Eight of these in the past week.

AT&T's 'American Idol' Text Message Stunt Backfires

Consumerist has the story. Some random (but large) number of AT&T subscribers got SMS-spammed by their cell provider. Lame.

The NY Times quotes Mark Siegel, a spokesman for AT&T Wireless, saying that the message went to subscribers who had voted for “Idol” singers in the past, and other “heavy texters.” He said the message could not be classified as spam because it was free and because it allowed people to decline future missives.