White House Spam, Signup Forgery, and GovDelivery

As guest blogger Jaren Angerbauer mentioned on Friday, after this whole White House spam email debacle, they promised to "implement measures" to verify and validate email addresses. So far, there's no externally visible proof that they've actually implemented any such measures, the most obvious one being a simple and clear double opt-in (aka confirmed opt-in) signup process.

Guest Post: Email and the White House

Today's guest post comes to us courtsey of Jaren Angerbauer, the founder and CEO of DeliveryVision, an email delivery consulting firm. Jaren has more than nine years of experience in the email deliverability space, and has established himself as an expert in the industry. Jaren also is an adjunct professor at Utah Valley University, where he teaches about email messaging technologies. Jaren lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is also an accomplished violist, and performs with professional ensembles on a regular basis. Take it away, Jaren!

Blocking specific domains?

Over on the Word to the Wise blog, Laura Atkins answers the question, is it wise for senders to block mail to various anti-spam companies? Read on for my take on the practice.

Ask Al: Not Receiving any emails!

Tami writes, "I've got a bit of a different problem than most. I own a small business and am afraid when people are emailing me to enter my 'Gift Box Drawing' that their emails aren't making it to me. I get absolutely nothing in my Norton anti-spam folder in Outlook Express. How do I get the messages so I can decide if I want to delete them or not?"

AOL to Stop Sending Report Cards

AOL says: "We are no longer sending report cards. If you have a complaint feedback loop, make sure you are monitoring your spam complaints and not relying on the report card to alert you to complaint issues."

More on Email Forwarding (and Fastmail.fm)

Following up to my recent post about email forwarding, Rob Mueller wrote in, talking up his particular email provider. It's called Fastmail.fm.