Steven Champeon says, "If your PTR contains or ends with IN-ADDR.ARPA, you're Doing It Wrong. Go read a book. That is all."

Domain Reputation and Recipient Engagement

Today's guest post comes from Chris Wheeler, the Director of Deliverability at email service provider Bronto Software. No stranger to the email experience, Chris's past experiences have included building a deliverability program from the ground up at a major online retailer and manning the d-team at a enterprise level ESP. Chris contributes to several blogs online and is part of a handful of key industry committees and think-tanks for taking email to the next level, both for marketing and recipient effectiveness. When not neck deep in email related things, he's busy with his two dogs and enjoying his home town of Austin, TX. Take it away, Chris! 

Quick Hit: Blagojevich Spam

Patti Blagojevich, the wife of the embattled ex-governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, seems to have done something she shouldn't have with an email list. The allegation is that she kept the email list from the non-profit she was previously working for and mailed to it, trying to promote Blago's awful book. Yeah, that's not good. Chicagoist has the story.

Online Privacy in the UK

Planning to handle consumer data in the UK? Then it's time to learn about the Data Protection Act 1998. Thankfully, Wikipedia has a very helpful overview. What are the key takeaways?

Ask Al: Trouble Sending From My Own Domain?

Adalbert writes: "Hi Al, I need to send emails from Outlook Express. I have a dynamic IP address. I have my own custom domain name. When I try to send, I receive this error: El mensaje no se pudo enviar, el servidor rechazó la dirección de correo electrónico del remitente: 'address@example.com.' Asunto 'prova2', Cuenta: '', Servidor: 'smtp.mydomain.com', Protocolo: SMTP, Respuesta del servidor: '550 5.0.0 Rejected - zen.dnsbl', Puerto: 25, Seguridad (SSL): No, Error de servidor: 550, Número de error: 0x800CCC78

Help! Why can't I send?" 

Good Advice for Senders

Hey email senders, looking for some good advice? Here's a few things you should do or not do, if you want to walk on the right side of the line and enjoy email delivery success.