Symantec Says Illinois is #5

My current state of residence is in the top ten! Whoo! The top ten of what, you ask? Why, in the list of states ranked by how much spam people in those states, receive, of course. 

Rocky Mountain Bank WTF

So, if a bank accidentally sends you somebody else's information....they can now sue your webmail provider to have your account disabled? Uh, WTF?

Make it stop!

One of my friends is receiving unwanted email from a big motion picture studio, and can't make it stop.

Continuing to send email to a recipient after they have unsubscribed is lame, and illegal. It is a violation of US Federal Law, just as sending emails without an unsubscribe option would be. But, the fact of the matter is, that for the Average Joe Recipient of an email, there isn't a lot of recourse; no easy option to rain down a hell fire of pain on somebody who won't stop filling your inbox with their unwanted email. And no legal standing to sue -- only ISPs, the FTC or states attorneys general can take action under CAN-SPAM.

So, you don't really have a big stick to wield, Mr. Average Joe Recipient. But, that doesn't mean it's hopeless. Here's what I would do if I were in your shoes.

Funny T-Shirt

David Greiner of Campaign Monitor writes: "Way back in May this year, we asked you guys to come up with some new ideas for our popular range of email nerd t-shirts. I the end, we had nearly 150 hilarious (and some kinda scary) ideas that we then put up for vote. We announced the three winners in July, and have finally turned those winning ideas into something you can wear."

Spam Resource, New and Improved

Please allow me to break from our regular programming momentarily, so that I may brag to you about the most recent changes made to Spam Resource and DNSBL Resource. If you're one of those RSS reader kind of people, feel free to swing on over to and check out all the new, useful things that weren't there before.

Pivotal Veracity on Domain Reputation and ISP Insights

Pivotal Veracity's Deirdre Baird dropped me a line the other day, letting me know that PV has some very useful information available for sharing. In their ISP Insights for 2009 and 2010 whitepaper, they quiz top ISPs on their current and future plans with regard to spam filtering, domain reputation, authentication and more. They talked to AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft, Comcast, Road Runner, Verizon, Bell and Cloudmark and each shares their plans or thoughts for what's upcoming on the spam filtering and reputation horizon. Very insightful stuff. Thanks for sharing, Deirdre!

Click here to download the whitepaper.