Brazil Overtakes US as Spam Leader

Ed Falk points out that multiple sources explain that Brazil has overtaken the US as the source of the most spam. However, Ed goes on to point out a very important point. "Vietnam, China, and Brazil may be the places where most of the spam is delivered from, but I think if you follow the trails (and follow the money), you'll find that it all leads back to the U.S." Follow the money, and it probably all points back

How Tradeshow Email Lists Can Get You Blacklisted

The other day, Mark Brownlow tweeted a link to an older MailChimp blog post, touching on the perils of trade show email lists. In that post, MailChimp's Ben Chestnut touches on the do's and don'ts of email best practices when it comes to trade shows.

The Beatings Will Continue...Forever

It seems to me that there are a few different reasons why you'd want to list an IP address on a blacklist.

10 Deliverability Tips for 2010

My friend Mickey Chandler, newly freed deliverability consultant, has just posted his Top 10 Delivery Tips for 2010 whitepaper. Useful stuff about IP reputation, authentication, message stream diversity, and much more. And if you need deliverability guidance, don't forget, Mickey is now for hire!

Email to Die in 2010

No, not really. But, "there will be at least 39 more articles in the mainstream announcing the 'death of email,'" says ReturnPath's Matt Blumberg. I suspect Matt is right.


Have you ever told an ISP's postmaster, "The contents of the email follow all of the CAN-SPAM guidelines!" or "Why are you targeting my 100% opt-in emails?" You might want to reconsider that.