Ask Al: Additional Received Headers?

Jeremy writes, "Hey, Al! I was wondering if you could help me make a case for adding additional received headers to outbound messages. At the company I work for, one of our technologists convinced the head guy that we should try adding additional unique received headers to every message, rotating through unique IP addresses and host names. Do you have any insight on whether or not this would be a good or bad practice? Thanks in advance."

ClickZ: Goodmail CEO Steps Down

ClickZ reported on February 18th that "Peter Horan's two-year run as Goodmail's CEO came to an end on Feb. 12, though the Internet marketing veteran will stay on as chairman for the certified e-mail service provider. Speaking with ClickZ late Thursday afternoon, Horan confirmed an Internet rumor that he had stepped down." Read the rest here.

Bad Advice in the B2B Space

"B to B Online" shares some really awful advice from Gary Halliwell and Mark Feldman of NetProspex about how opt-out is supposedly the way to go in the B2B (business to business) email marketing realm. They start out by banging the CAN-SPAM drum (make sure you're compliant!! yawn) and then get side tracked into targeting and content.

Don't Spam the Judge

Kevin Trudeau, infomercial peddler of miracle cures (and who knows what else), narrowly avoided jail on Thursday after being cited for contempt over his recent attempt to incite friends and followers to harass the judge presiding over his trial.

SpamResource/XNND Co-Reg Dashboard

I've just completed my first-ever co-registration/lead generation signup tracking dashboard. You can find it at and it will update daily. As time permits, I'll add additional information and detail to the dashboard. Wins Spam Lawsuit

Laura Atkins hipped me to this report from SPAMFighter about winning a lawsuit against a spammer, somebody who was "victimizing members of by dispatching spam e-mails that contained web-links directing users to a dating site." Blah blah blah, spam is bad, etc. Enough about that.