Your Help Needed: Sign me Up!

Hey, I created this Gmail account -- -- and I'd love to see what you can get it signed up for. Spam, non-spam, edge case stuff, what have you. Could you do me a favor and sign it up for various things? I'm not quite sure what I'll do with the mail that comes through; maybe check the sender scores on all the IPs that send the mail, look for some non-CAN-SPAM compliant senders, maybe build some summary reporting to share with the internets, who knows what. Regardless, I'm thinking it might be fun to see what comes through. So, would you be willing to help me out?

Again, that address is Thanks in advance!

A Note on Dutch "Tell-A-Friend" Regulation

Remember how I mentioned SPAM-L the other day? Sometimes you learn useful stuff there. After reading a recent discussion there about "forward to a friend" functionality and whether or not it might be legal in different jurisdictions, I saw Vincent Schönau offer up some useful advice. Vincent is a former postmaster who helps ISPs build anti-abuse platforms for an anti-spam vendor. I've asked him to clarify his thoughts for a post here on Spam Resource, and he as graciously agreed to do so. Keep in mind that neither he nor I are lawyers, and this is not legal advice -- just a smart person's interpretation. And now, Vincent Schönau: 

Interview Day at Spam Resource

Scott Cohen interviewed me for the "Email Snob" series on his cool "Scott Writes Everything" blog, and here it is.

Also, Annalivia Ford, ex-AOL postmaster, now at Unica, was interviewed by Len Schneyder for Unica's blog. You can find part one of that interview here: 8 Years in the Spam Trenches | Part 1

Spam from Image Factory

Today I got a spam from a company called "Image Factory" or "Web Image Factory" -- -- (773) 315-9014, sending from IP address This Chicago enterprise aims to want to help me grow my business. I'm not interested, but good for them for trying. Except -- I didn't sign up for this email. It's spam.

Why did they send me this spam? I've never heard of them before and I have never done business with them or had a conversation with them.

I emailed them, and we'll see if I get a response. In the mean time, I did a little poking around. A-ha! I did business with a client of theirs. A property rental company that rents out apartments for very short amounts of time, like a hotel room. I've used it to book a place to stay for friends when they have come to visit.

Apparently, when I give my email address to this company to reserve an apartment, it somehow also ends up in the hands of Image Factory. Does that strike you as a best practice? What other information is shared or otherwise ends up in the hands of third parties?

I dug through my saved email and found that I have received mail from this company before, and I reported it as spam every time. This time around, somebody from their ISP responded. Sadly, James from NetFronts Technical Support thinks the mail "does not look like spam" because it is an "opt-in mailing list that allows you to unsubscribe."

Are you on SPAM-L?

A few different folks have heard me mention the SPAM-L mailing list in conversation these past few months, and expressed surprise; thinking it had been retired. The old SPAM-L mailing list was indeed shut down back in May, 2009, but the list was almost immediately resurrected by J.A. Terranson and a few other kind folks. It now lives over at, click here to learn more about the list or to subscribe.

ISPs: Preventing Outbound Spam?

Kris writes, "Hi Al, I am contacting you because I would like to receive some feedback (advice, tips) on how an ISP can help to prevent outbound spam.