Friday Funny: I Need Your Legal Advice

Warning: This clip has a tiny bit of NSFW language in it.

When consulting, you want to give good advice. But sometimes, just sometimes, you're confronted with a client utilizing some completely non-salvageable bad practice, and they fight and fight and fight you on it and just don't want to listen. They always want to know what ELSE can be done to fix the issue, short of actually fixing the issue. Here is the best advice a consultant can give in those situations.

Selling Customer Data: Good idea?

What does Scott Adams think?

Selling customer data like email addresses to third parties is like selling expired, rotting milk to a foreign country that has no laws against that sort of thing. It may be totally legal, but you're setting up the buyer for a future failure. Buyer beware.

Mediacom Outbound Mail Servers

If you're the type who likes to whitelist IP addresses used for ISP outbound email traffic, here's an update for you, courtesy of the Mailop mailing list. Cable internet provider Mediacom has announced that they've brought two new mail server IP addresses live:, This is in addition to their existing outbound mail servers located at,,,, and

Payday Loan Marketer Settles with FTC

If you ask me, payday loans are a permission challenged industry, when it comes to email marketing. Companies are buying leads, selling leads, working with multiple data partners, emailing at a high frequency, always pushing to get more mail out, find new signup streams, etc.

Ask Al:

A reader wrote in with the following question/complaint about I'm going to post this one anonymously. The reader wrote, "I would like to request a review of I would like to know if I am the only one that has communication problems with them. Their delisting instructions are basically non-existent, and my last attempts to communicate with them have takes upwards of two weeks to even get a response. I believe the listings last an incredibly long time and that their communication and delisting process is extremely poor. I would like to know what your opinion of them as a reputable RBL would be. Perhaps it is just me with the problem."

Magill Has Questions

Ken Magill has questions about my prior post. And yes, you do have to move to Holland.