That Wasn’t Funny

I’m married to a feminist. My wife, Kate Harding, knows a thing or two about rape culture, bad guys and misogyny. (In fact, she’s the author of “Asking For It” forthcoming from Da Capo Press in Fall 2013.)

Another Dead DNSBL

It seems as though my website over at has turned into a graveyard for dead DNSBLs. Over the past few years, I've observed more than a dozen blacklists go missing, and I've written  about more than a dozen others who were shut down prior to that or weren't valid to begin with.

On Spamhaus and Anonymity

A number of months ago, Steve Linford of Spamhaus replied to columnist Ken Magill on the topic of why Spamhaus editors don't typically provide their names. I highly recommend reading it, then coming back to my post to get my thoughts on this.

A bit of spam history

Steve Atkins of Word to the Wise has posted a very interesting story, detailing a little bit of spam history from just over ten years ago. According to Steve, a gentleman who used to work for a spammer participated in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) question and answer session, talking about his participation in spam-related activities and what he remembers about the industry at that time.

On the Recent Yahoo! Mail Exploit

Over on the ExactTarget blog, Carlo Catajan explains the recently discovered (and since closed) Yahoo! Mail account security issue.