Isleton Spam Festival: There's still time

You've got just over two weeks until it's time for Isleton, California's Spam Festival. The February 18th affair has in the past offered up treats like SPAM Fudge, SPAMbalaya, and -- good lord -- a SPAM-eating contest? Read all about it here. Be sure to drop me a line if you happen to attend.

AOL Announces Mail System MX Changes

As expected, AOL announced yesterday that the MX records for their domains are being updated:

As AOL and Yahoo come together under the OATH umbrella, we will merge the mail infrastructure serving our consumer brands.

As a first step, starting this week, the majority of AOL's MX records will point to our new combined servers. This should be transparent to any sender as those servers will operate in simple pass-through mode. This means senders with established FBLs will continue to receive them from our AOL mail infrastructure.

While we do not foresee any issues, you are welcome to reach out to the AOL postmaster team at if you should encounter anything.

Over the next few months we will continue to make adjustments as we further combine our systems. Watch this space for additional notes in the future.

Thanks to the folks at AOL/Yahoo/OATH for taking the time to make a public statement about this. Transparency is a good thing, and this is much appreciated.

Reference: Time Warner/Road Runner/Spectrum Email Domains

Sometimes it comes in handy to know all of the common domains associated with a given Internet Service Provider (ISP) or webmail provider.

I believe these are all of the common, legitimate email domains associated with Time Warner (TWC) / Road Runner / Spectrum Cable ISP properties as of January, 2018.

Using ClamAV? Update Now

ClamAV is a popular open source anti-virus engine, that among other things, is popularly used to scan emails on Linux/Unix systems for bad stuff. There's talk of a vulnerability out there relating to PDFs (source in German, but Google translate worked well) and users are advised to update to the latest version. I recommend reading the ClamAV-Users mailing list to figure out what's up with that latest version; it sounds like there is some confusion or a potential issue -- some users are attempting to download the latest 0.99.3 version but are getting beta code, not final production code. It's all a bit confusing and I'm hoping that admins running ClamAV will be able to decipher it all a bit better than I'm able to from afar.

More Transitions: AOL/Yahoo Consolidation

Remember how I said that I thought 2018 would be the year of consolidation?

First you had the Microsoft platform consolidation, the merging of their Office 365 and Hotmail platforms. A lot of senders are still dealing with issues around that transition.

Now we're getting word that AOL and Yahoo are going to begin to merge their platforms, starting in February. Step one: Inbound mail to the AOL domains will now be handled by the Yahoo inbound mail servers.

2018 is going to be a wild ride.

H/T: Word to the Wise