How to Recover from Email Marketing Mistakes

Whoops! Email launch error. Wrong content? Wrong list? Broken images? Exposed mail merge variables? What do you do? Litmus's Chad White helps you break it down with a series of simple questions.

The future of email?

From Dot Magazine: Email has been around a long time now, but it’s still got a lot of life left in it. Marcel Becker from Oath explains how email will evolve in the future.

(Oath, if you don't recall, is the company managing the AOL and Yahoo Mail platforms.)

H/T: Anthony Chiulli.

Reference: All AT&T Email Domains

AT&T has a Postmaster site, but it doesn't contain a comprehensive list of their inbound email domains. However, they do have a help page for AT&T users looking to configure their email client, and it does list all of their inbound email domains.

From that help page, here is a list of all AT&T consumer email domains:

AT&T users used to be able to read their mail via Yahoo Mail's web user interface, but this seems to no longer be an option as of sometime in 2016-2018. Thus, in the past, AT&T and Yahoo filtering might have been related (especially spam folder delivery), but I think that is no longer the case.

Special thanks to reader Laurence Marks, who provided much of this information in a past comment. Thanks!

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Sender ID? No, don't bother.

Back in 2016 I pointed out that Sender ID no longer matters. It's still true today!

Indeed, the RFCs for Sender ID are being moved to "historic" status -- indicating it's not an active standard.