Learn how DNS works with this new zine

Julia Evans aka b0rk is somebody smart that I follow on Twitter. She created this super cool tool that I've linked to on social media before, called Mess with DNS, providing you with a safe space to learn about DNS by doing -- letting you set up DNS records under a test domain she's got set up -- so you can truly "mess with DNS" without breaking anything for your own (or your employer's) domain.

And now she's back with something new and super cool -- a 28-page guide (zine) called "How DNS Works!" Guess what it explains? Yep, how DNS works. Lots and lots of detail here, very useful for somebody who wants to better understand how the domain name service actually works. And when you've got the guide in hand (available for a modest fee from her zines website), then head on over to "Mess with DNS" and practice anything new you might have learned from reading the zine!

She's published other cool zines, and cool tools, too. You should follow her on Twitter.

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