DMARC deep dive from M3AAWG

Hopefully you were able to attend the recent webinar with myself and LB Blair talking about DMARC and what senders need to know to be in compliance with the new DMARC requirements levied by Yahoo and Google this year (2024). (Recording coming very soon!) We kept a lot of it high level -- the point wasn't to spend six hours training you through every bit of the protocol spec. But if you DID want to learn more, M3AAWG, the Messaging, Mobile, and Malware Anti-Abuse Working Group, has the good stuff. They've got a whole multi-part series on DMARC where they cover the fundamentals of authentication, alignment, policy, reporting, domain owner and mailbox provider best practices and more.

If you just want to implement DMARC for your marketing domain and be done with it, you don't need this.

But if you do want to become a DMARC expert, this is the logical next step in that process.

Check out the whole series on Youtube. Thank you, M3AAWG, for putting this together!

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