XNND (now Wombatmail) is still here for all your DNS needs

Did you know? For the past fifteen years, I've run a simple little website at xnnd.com wombatmail.com that provides a set of DNS lookup tools. My goal was to have a simple set of tools to help you troubleshoot DNS issues. You can do things like look up DMARC settings for a domain, try to find the DKIM selector(s) and public key(s) in use for a domain, check a domain's BIMI record, query the same IP or domain against a bunch of different public DNS servers all at once (helpful to catch intermittent or propagation-related issues), and a few other things. This past weekend I moved the server from Amazon's AWS to Google Cloud (partly to save some money, and partly to see if I could do it), and so far it seems to have moved over just fine -- but if you see anything amiss, please feel free to let me know!

January 28, 2024 update: The domain has changed, but the tools are still there! Find them over at Wombatmail Tools.
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